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Wednesday, January 12, 2011



Thank you Atticus! Glad we could help!

Heidi Alberti & Atticus Uncensored

Gracie, these are great tips! Came across your blog site on Twitter and glad I did.

When my brother Wilbur and I come in from the cold, after mama's done wiping and drying our feet, she plugs in our very own electric blanket. We snuggle in this cozy blankie after bath time too. We Love it! and it quickly warms us from the chill outside.

Atticus (another dogblogger)
"commentary to give you paws..."


You are welcome Jen & Maisie! Gracie gets very upset outside when she can't find her toys under the snow. She buries her nose and tries to sniff them all out! It's quite funny to watch!


Thanks for the tips. Maisie loves to be rubbed down after she comes in from the outside in the winter. What I didn't think about is that dogs lose their scent in the snow. Sure it would be great to romp about, but if the area isn't enclosed I can see how a dog could get lost (or fall into a snow drift!) Maisie's appetite is ravenous in the winter. I give her an extra snack/meal at night. If I don't she let's me know about it!


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